Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO
September 2008

It was a beautiful day in early September when Sista Moff and her esteemed Brotha B-Moff headed out for a little time away from the interior of B-Moff's apartment, where they'd been uncomfortably ensconced for over a day.

The sky was a clear, bright blue with well-defined, puffy clouds. The light was the way the light is in the Western states... you're that much closer to the sun, and the light is dazzling, bright... colors leap out at you, you can see all the individual leaves on all the trees as you whizz by in your SUV, headed out for some stirring outdoor activity.

Their first stop was a village reconstructed to show how the early settlers of Colorado Springs lived, Back In The Day. Even the portapotties were rustic, so Sista Moff grabbed the opportunity to get a little reading done... you know, the way they did Back In The Day.

The next stop was the gee-aww-jus Garden of the Gods... after a little trek home to pick up B-Moff's Maw-in-law. The tourists were thick as flies on a pile o' somethin unsavory, but this did not deter Sista Moff from the execution of her duties as a member of the sisterhood. No verily, it did not.

After Sista Moff had discharged her sisterly duties, B-Moff, Maw-in-law, and Sista engaged in the ritual Soiling of the Capris... that is, leaving a little of the local color on the capris as evidence of their travels.
After several minutes of vigorous grinding into the Rich Red Colorado Dirt, the Capris were suitably soiled, the Rich Red dirt contrasting impressively against the varied blue and green hues of the Capris... much like the red rocks of Garden of the Gods against the clear blue Colorado sky.

Unfortunately, Sista Moff's Tide Ultra 2x detergent lifted those dirt particles right offa there, so this picture is the only evidence that remains of the Soiling of the Capris.


cindi said...

these photos are beautimus!

sista cinge

Greenbrier Escape said...

yous is freakin hilarious!